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Hello I am Nijaah Howard

THOUGHTS magazine gives you a look into the lives of your neighbor. We are deliberate at reducing fear and ignorance by highlighting what matters to entertain, empower, engage, excite, and mostly educate about everyone’s backgrounds and experiences, all written with respect and honor.

With an emphasis on ‘celebrating our men everyday’ (C.O.M.E) and recognizing that ‘her energy reigns extraordinaire’ (H.E.R.E).

Nijaah Howard

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THOUGHTS magazine is a quarterly digital and print global innovative, creative resource and tool for restoring communication in Love and Peace, Celebrating bold, beautiful, sophisticated, and grown Men and Women of Color with a soft balance of urban flava. This unique, contemporary millennium double-sided magazine is intentionally designed on building mental and emotional maturation and focuses on 1 theme and how it impacts and engages both men/women in their personal and professional lives to engage empathy and compassion to restore and revitalize the Black/Brown Family nucleus.






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