Anger Management by Obidiah McBride

November 14, 2020

A community is a social environment, normally with shared interests.


As a young man, it is often hard to control your emotions in stressful situations. This almost always leads to problems in the future because one emotion-packed decision could close the door to many social, business and athletic opportunities. There are certain events that will always get the best of us but, there is a time and place for everything. You wouldn’t want to go into a business venture or job interview crying or slamming things around when you try to present your qualifications. That is not to say never to cry or slam things around, just realize where those actions are appropriate. Any business environment is definitely not one of those places.

There are various methods that can be used to calm negative emotions but, in past personal experiences I’ve found the C.A.L.M method to be most effective. The C.A.L.M method involves the person in distress thinking of 4 things that bring joy to them that start with the letters c, a, l, and m in that order. For example Cartoons, Air, lemonade, and mattress. I personally enjoy all these thing and they all happened to be in different categories in terms of use, that doesn’t matter though. They could be all food, all songs, anything that makes you feel good.

This method was actually taught to me in 7th grade by a classmate of mines named Leon. Leon wasn’t a bad kid in any sense but he had a raging temper which got him into conflict often during his younger years. In middle school Leon constantly had problems with his math teacher. The teacher would constantly pick on Leon to get a reaction that would get him in trouble. It usually worked and Leon had been suspended twice a third infraction would have him expelled. Both Leon and his teacher knew this and it became a test of willpower between them. No matter how bad the teacher got Leon would never break and would respond pleasantly. The students wondered what had changed him from his normal aggressive responses and he shared with his class the C.A.L.M method. For him personally it was Cookies, Applebee’s, Lemonade and his Mom. He had said it was hard to even be angry thinking about things that he liked so much. Leon passed 7th grade math and never even saw the teacher again. He was able to control his emotions and benefited greatly because of it. Imagine if he did get expelled. He would miss valuable days of education, miss important tests and probably would’ve had to repeat the class another year. In general it is a great skill to be able to control yourself in fustrating situations as it applicable everywhere from the office to your home.

– Obadiah McBride


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