Ethnic men role in our society

November 10, 2020

A community is a social environment, normally with shared interests



In human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks and affect the identity of the individual and their degree of cohesiveness. Community service is considered as a well-liked and desired element between the citizens in a democratic society.

They devoted their vitality and time for the sake of the common good and fulfill the needs of people. These services are praised by religion, politics, and leaders. In New York, Ethnic men are playing an important and vital role in contributing to the society and community. They are blending with different communities and working together to make a better chance in society. People from different religions, color, and culture are operating together and served their lives for others, try to fulfill the basic needs and wants of humans by doing a small act of kindness. There are numerous organizations and people out there which has a great impact on society at large.

Engaging and appealing in community service gives individuals and the chance to become active members of their community and society and has a lasting, positive, and good impact on the community to great extent. Community services and volunteers give students to obtain and experience life and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most. They emphasized human needs, health, mental and physical approach, plantation, and many other community services done by black people, which gives a great impact on society. Following are some famous organizations and people who are doing community service around the globe.

NAJLA AUSTIN – the twenty-seven- year old originator of Ethel's club founded in Brooklyn, New York. Their goal is to conduct seminars, wellness sessions, and concert, it is an online group which plans for people of color to flourish. They create alleviate spaces that promote a color through conversations and creativity. They committed to give hearten, interest, and inspiration. They spark other lives by healing, and it is the merely social platform to commemorate people of color. They did efforts to give comfort in others life by staying at home.

Food First

Food first is an institute in Oakland, their focal point is to solve the problems faced by people globally such as emptiness, hunger, penury, and degradation of the environment. They work out on different researches to assist the food system locally and democratically. They make relations between gardeners and farmers in San Francisco to promote the knowledge and maintain grassroots, which will later assist them to grow their own food systems. Their mere vision is to end un-justice which causes hunger.


AMERICROPS is originated in America and an instant to take the path less traveled, to break the status, to stop communicating about the problem, and be the blend and find a solution. They mentor and tutor students, build a society after the disaster, help veterans, or work with local communities to alleviate poverty. There are thousands of opportunities to choose from, find the one that fits you.

The blackspace manifesto

The blackspace manifesto is founded in Brooklyn, They are black urban planners, artists, and designers to take care and create black spaces. They have organized this manifesto to provide guide to interact with various communities and partners. This organization is promoting their motive all around the world. They emphasized on needs of black people, culture, spaces and thrive. They create a relation to maintaining a mutual adaptation over time. They encourage and amplify black joy which is a great thing. Numerous Black lives organizations support the leadership and dignity of black people.

God’s love we deliver

God’s love we deliver is an organization founded in New York, originated by Ganga stone. This organization is running for the past twenty-five years. They approached people who are struggling with malnutrition, emptiness, and illness. They cooked and provide good quality food to the people out. They provide complete counseling on Nutrition, Their vision is to donate food and deliver 2.25 million meals per year. They spread love and happiness in the community by providing them healthy meals.

We have listed numerous organizations, but the common thing in every organization is to serve humanity only. Their main goal is to work on the needs and requirements of others. In community service, it does not matter to which nation or cast or color we belong, our only motive is to spread happiness and love around the globe.


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