Fahiym Hanna

November 19, 2020

Fashion is defined as an admired and aesthetic expression for a certain time period and place.


The year was 2004, I am finishing up high school and taking a job selling TVs part-time. I relish in the idea of doing the most good in the world, but still, unsure what action to take. I set out to find people already doing good work in the world and found the opportunity to do paid work and volunteer work at many non-profits, community groups, and advocacy organizations in North Carolina. I was part of many projects that helped the community in very direct ways like mentoring and community clean-ups. Within 10 years, I also started my own community centre, taught people how to grow food at my community garden, became president of my local neighbourhood association, and attended hundreds of protests, meetings, and acts of resistance. Meeting other activists was part of the joy in the work. It has always been fascinating to understand the varying opinions about what kinds of activism should be lifted up as a priority, and which practices and methods are best for getting the work done. Over time, I have come to define doing the most good in the world as a personal choice, made by people who care about other people with three considerations:
To find out the 3 steps and more about Fahiym the community organiser.

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