Jackson Chery Story

August 16, 2023

Nijaah Howard



          Jackson Chery was born to Haitian immigrants and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Growing up a Haitian kid in the 80’s, Jackson loved music and basketball, but he didn’t always embrace his beautiful dark complexion as the American Black kids made him feel isolated and different and his parents just never told him how beautiful he was. For years he struggled with his identity and sought to make people happy. Because his parents were dedicated Church goers, he began to find his gift in music. Learning the drums made him confident in who he was and if he wasn’t the most liked, he knew his musical talent would win the world over and that is exactly what happened. He became the Musical Director at Cortelyou Road Church of God when he was 17. While he was studying for his BA in Branding and Marketing at Berkeley College, he was already managing artists. He was part of the Creative Management team for Tye Tribbett, booking manager for Mali Music, Esther & Friends, and Jovita Sheppard. He also served as Chief Executive manager for many festivals featuring Fred Hammond, Israel Haughton, CeCe Winan’s, and the list goes on. He was always in love with songs. He realized that music had so much power to bring people together and so he came up with music to the same lyrics that would allow everyone to enjoy such a strong message using amazing vocalists and producers to help the vision come to life.

            He said, “Music plays a big part in all of our lives because that is how most messages get across in this world”. He plans on using his platform to deliver the inspiration that God has given him through sound. He said, “I believe that through the project they are showing people they can be great in their purpose if they’re willing to fight a bit harder”. During a zoom interview with THOUGHTS magazine, Jackson shared his life experiences on everything from building his self-worth to building businesses. He didn’t become comfortable with who he was until an adult. He was so young when he started making decisions and allowed no one to discourage his dream although he was supported by his mom as he needed to do the work. He developed much Interest on music and drama because he saw it as an amazing and incredible profession. He felt that he needed passive income and had a strong passion of helping people and he later came up with “Bridging the Gap” Projects which is aimed at helping other people discover their purpose and pushing them to go for it regardless of what it is. He later pursued another goal of opening a restaurant because he really loves food and loves to eat. “I always loved music because from the time I could remember everything has always been a melody and rhythm to me,” said Jackson. Some years ago, Jackson began his company called Lakay Entertainment which is better known as Lakay Arts these days. Jackson started off his company booking concerts and managing Christian artist schedules. Jackson has been instrumental in helping build up his community since starting his own business: Chery shared his experience about the hardest lessons he learned since starting his own business.

1. When you’re self-employed, the last person you work for is yourself.
2. Purpose has nothing to do with you, God does things through you and not for you.
3. The show must go on… even when the staff leaves.

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