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THOUGHTS Magazine is about honoring men of color who exemplifies leadership skills not only in their chosen fields but also scholars in their community. We are connecting people, businesses, organizations, and programs centered on building up males of color, young to adult bv providing information that is healing. restoring. rebuilding to reduce negative stereotypes. tear. and ignorance to grow them personally and professionally as well emotionally and mentally: that has been our focus since day one at the death of trayvon Martin in 2012.


THOUGHTS bring the most influential and active members of our communities into one place. We provide an open door that gives all men of color an opportunity to be given a second or even third chance to get it right. We are building solid relationships with every issue we publish. Providing a safe place to share stories and be heard. being vulnerable without judgment. but with challenging values. beliefs morals. and thought processes to create whole well rounded men. Addressing mental health issues depression. anxietv. ptsd, ptss. etc.)


THOUGHTS provides a plan of action for everyday young men and to newly released from prison on step-by-step guidelines of all their essentials to make a smooth transition back into society.


THOUGHTS is the First-born son of GQ and ESSENCE magazine. It’s the go-to for men of color. A resource directory guide that offers structure and addresses issues that all men of color experience from young to old. All content is created for and by men of color locally and abroad to share and connect


THOUGHTS inspires and builds dreams with ambition by offering unemployed out of school youth (minimum age 18) and released from jail the opportunity for gainful employment to increase literacy, dignity and self-sufficiency to build their resume credibility, and their NAME for reentry into society

THOUGHTS builds their creativity and ski set to expand upon and grow their personal resume,writing, drawing, contests, artwork poetry, Games, did you know? etc. Thinking and making you better. what you put in your mind; is now you snow up in the world.

Bert Lurch

Cesar Espino

Kenneth Braswell

Paul Williams

Kenneth Braswell

Pre-Celebration 10 year Anniversary of THOUGHTS Magazine

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