We’ McDonald Story

August 8, 2023

Nijaah Howard

Maintaining Her Soulful Voice and
Empowering Young Women

One cannot help but find it inspiring to find musical artists and performers that go out of their way to be honest and authentic as possible with their songs. There’s no doubt that artists with this type of musical integrity have a special connection with fans that could span years or decades to come. For We’ McDonald, honesty is the best policy when it comes to her art. She is not the type of artist who likes to sugarcoat anything. There is no doubt that this level of artistic integrity has sparked the current success that she has received and enjoys. Many people have moments in their music or occupation in which they announce to the world that they have arrived. It’s almost like they say “Hello, world!!” through their talent. We’ McDonald had that moment at the tender age of 17.

At the time, We’ was in her senior year of high school and was doing auditions for college. She was aiming for an appearance on Amateur Night at The Apollo. The priority was to get practices in so that she can be ready for artistic opportunities that comes along. One opportunity would come in the form of an audition for “The Voice”. It was a surprise from her father. Her manager. Next thing you know, We’ McDonald is standing in line at “The Voice” audition tapings in Philadelphia along with 60,000 other hopefuls waiting for their one shining moment of glory that could potentially change their lives forever. Simply put, We’ absolutely slayed the audition and had all of America “Feeling Good”.

We’ McDonald performed a powerful rendition of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. It was so good that the three judges spun their chairs well before she completed the song with Adam Levine left mesmerized turning his chair in the last seconds. We’ McDonald would ultimately join the team of the iconic Alicia Keys and had an incredible run that led to her finishing third overall on the show. We’ McDonald also would make it through another important audition around that time. She would end up successfully auditioning and being accepted into NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. She specialized in producing, engineering and songwriting. She ended up connecting with other creative minds that were on similar journeys and looking to become big-time stars in the music business.

We’ wants to be herself more than anything else. She finds authenticity and honesty as qualities that last for a lifetime. For her, it is important for honesty in her music to be pushed to the forefront so that she can use her authentic voice to speak for those who are afraid to speak up. In her mind, it’s the greatest gift that she could offer to anyone especially young women of color. A major wake-up call for We’ occurred when she quarantined as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. She realized the importance of having time for herself. We’ McDonald felt that many people figured out who they really were outside of their social and professional circles due to a significant decline in distractions and outside forces because of the quarantine.

Therefore, We’ feels that individuals improved significantly in any endeavor that they did due to an enhanced knowledge of self as a result of being quarantined. Given We’s desire for artistic integrity above all else, it is not a surprise that she gravitated toward other artists that exhibit the same qualities. She’s a fan of artists such as Rihanna, Adele, and the late Michael Jackson. She was moved by Adele’s authenticity in her hit song “Someone Like You” to express wishes for the best for her ex-lover. Her favorite artists led with honesty, and it left an indelible impression on her. There are instances in the music industry in which artists are often pulled in a creative direction that is not aligned with who they are. When that dynamic presents itself, it’s up to the artist to speak up. We’ McDonald would have a hard time getting producers to listen to her ideas because their ideas did not align with her authentic self.

She stood up for herself and would end up writing some lyrics to a song that she originally put on Tiktok. She fi gured it would get about 1,000 views. The song got 200,000 views instead. We’ McDonald ultimately transform this song into her first hit single “White Chocolate”. This song ended up putting up tremendous numbers on Spotify. We’ McDonald has a lot of advice for young soulful singers, and upcoming artists looking to break into the music industry. She advises any artist with finished songs to make sure that it is recorded. Once the song is recorded, you have content that you can call yours. As Bill Gates once said:  “Content is king!”.

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