Thoughts Magazine Joint Edition (Digital)


Thoughts Magazine Joint Edition (Digital)

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“HER ENERGY REIGNS EXTRAORDINAIRE (HERE) focuses on powerful profiles of women of color who are destined for absolute greatness. Women who lead and understand when to follow. It is about honoring young and adult women who exemplify leadership skills not only in their chosen fields but also their community. We are connecting people, businesses, organizations, and programs throughout the Queens/Long Island/NYC region centered on building up women of color by providing information that is healing, restoring, rebuilding to reduce negative stereotypes, fear, and ignorance to grow personally and professionally.Purchase the latest edition of Thoughts Magazine today.
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Published by Young Men Strong, THOUGHTS magazine offers up all the latest news on your favorite guy or gal. Delivered quarterly, every issue includes engaging articles, photos, statistics, and your THOUGHTS about what really matters; everyday you, me, and the world we live in.

Get Ready for Realness

Find upcoming commentary from around the country for every type of person with a purpose, so you can relate, feel, and be confident knowing you are not alone. Plus, THOUGHTS is the first multi-cultural & diverse magazine that offers fantastic insightful stories about fashion, lifestyle and events that promote peace, love, and unity.

“When we strengthen our boys and men, we stabilize our girls and women®”


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