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Empowerment news

Empowerment news

Empowerment News Empowering Communities through Urban Fashion and Influence DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids) is a skateboard brand that has captured the hearts of urban communities around the world. Co-Founded in 2002 by professional skateboarder Stevie  Williams, DGK has...

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Here are some RESOURCES for Men of Color to check out!

Fabletics Activewear Fitness Clothing

Bevel: Grooming Products For Men

Frere – Suit Company

Johnny Nelson – Jewelry Company

Alain Dupetit – Suit Company

Style By Blain – Shoe Company

Bruno Marc – Dress Shoe Company

boohooMAN – Men’s Clothing

Mercado Global – Handbag Brand

Therapeutate Parfums – Men’s Cologne/Perfume

Perry Ellis – Men’s Belts

Red Moose – Shoe Care

Bespoke Post – A Grooming Kit

Celsious – Lint Roller

Ace Hardware – Men’s Toolbox

Manscaped – Shaving Kit

Ecusisi – Briefcase

Karibe Cookware – Kitchen Utensils

Mantl – Men’s Skincare

R. Burnett – Men’s Watches

Enda – Running Sneakers

Kettlebell Kings – Gym Equipment

Blackwood Shampoo for Men

Nubian Heritage Men’s Deodorant

Unsun Full Coverage Mineral Body Sunscreen Protection

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Helen Zheng

Helen Zheng  In the dynamic world of media, technology, and community engagement, Shefik stands out as an embodiment of the change he aspires to create.            With an unwavering commitment to helping others and an ever-evolving journey of self-discovery,...

Get your Daily Dose CAFE

Daily Dose Cafe GET YOUR DAILY DOSE CAFE Life is complicated enough. Finding delicious and healthy food shouldn’t be a challenging endeavor in urban communities, however, now it’s changed. When we eat better, we feel better, and when we feel better we LIVE & DO...

From the ghetto in the island of Jamaica to Suburbia Jamaica Queens

Annette Runcie Story SOLUTION MINDSET From the ghetto in the island of Jamaica to Suburbia Jamaica Queens Annette Runcie was born in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica in a large family of seven and emigrated with her family at the age of 11. She grew up in a very...

Social Identity by Nijaah Howard


When its time to grow, you must grow

Olando Williams Story When it’s time to Grow, you must Go Olando was born in Saint Elizabeth Parish to a single mother who had her first child at the age of 17 yo. A young woman born and raised in Jamaica by her grandmother who was fi lled with wisdom and love,...

Maintaining Her Soulful Voice and Empowering Young Women

We' McDonald Story Maintaining Her Soulful Voice andEmpowering Young Women One cannot help but find it inspiring to find musical artists and performers that go out of their way to be honest and authentic as possible with their songs. There’s no doubt that artists with...

La Cultura Dance Collective became my life as an ADULT’ | Manny Chacon

Manny Chacon La Cultura Dance Collective became my life as an ADULT’, never give up It is always inspiring to meet impactful individuals who have a passion and desire for serving the community. Many times, there are many people who incorporate community service and...

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