Jackson Chery Story

August 16, 2023

Nijaah Howard

The Princess of Nigeria shares her Art of Fashion with the World

When one thinks of Egypt Ufele, one can’t help but think of the following quote by British historian G.M Trevelyan: “Never tell a young person that anything cannot be done”. At the age of 17, Egypt Ufele has made a tremendous impact in the fashion industry. She is anything but a rookie in this business. Having been in the industry since she was 10 years old, Egypt is a seasoned veteran in the game. She got into fashion when she was 4 years old when she would watch her grandmother use her sewing machine. She was so intrigued that she would help her grandmother with the pieces that she would make. She was also guided by her mom-ager, Dr. Reba Ufele mPerry who is committed to her daughters success. Additionally, Egypt’s interest in fashion was also sparked by the fact that her older sister was a fashion designer. Thus, Egypt decided to pursue fashion seriously. Not too long after she got started, Egypt Ufele became one of the youngest people to have her line featured in the Super Bowl of fashion shows: New York Fashion Week. Even though Egypt knew NY Fashion Week was a big deal, she didn’t realize how big a deal it was until she experienced it firsthand.

It is quite clear that Egypt has the next few years of her life mapped out. Egypt is in a period of transition of scaling back her involvement in the fashion industry. She decided to do this so that she can focus on her senior year of high school. It goes without saying that senior year is a critical academic year for high school students. Thus, she didn’t want to be overwhelmed. She is also during transitioning into become more involved with beauty, hair and makeup at fashion shows. As a result, she wants to go to esthetician school. Yet, Egypt also wants to attain a business degree from Spelman University so that she can become more adept in business matters involving her brand.

In the 7 years since her first NY Fashion Week, Egypt’s overall fashion collections has greatly expanded. She has also significantly changed in terms of what she’s been inspired by with regards to fashion. When she was younger, Egypt would incorporate a lot of different colors and materials into her designs. Now, she has narrowed down her color schemes to colors that are in style as well as colors with a neutral tone. Her fashion shows primarily consist of couture pieces and outfits that one would wear to black-tie and other formal events. Egypt has a greater mission in mind than creating the hottest fashion trends. She wanted people to feel good as well. It is the perfect explanation for why she is a staunch anti-bullying activist. Additionally, the issue of inclusivity is a big priority for Egypt as well. Egypt made great strides to make sure that her fashion brands were as inclusive as possible.

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