A message to fatherless generation

November 19, 2020

“I always tell myself, even if I don’t get paid I will do teaching for FREE,” says Dr. SHAFEEQ Ameen


Born intwo parent household in a tough environment in Philadelphia –both financially and socially – Dr. Ameen worked extremely hard to find his designated place in American society. For being an African American black, he faced some crisis to climb up the stairs of his goals and had a good relationship with both parents. Although he had a good relationship with his father, his mother was the sole provider. 

“My father was my inspiration and motivation,”says Dr. Ameen.

Furtherly, Dr. SHAFEEQ Ameen says that his father put all of his efforts to help his children grow and be a good part of the society. His father –even after divorce –played a huge role in SHAFEEQ’s lifeand learned from his good qualities and what not to do forhim to become a solid father and husband. As being the breadwinner, SHAFEEQ’s father tried his best to help him achieve his goals, however, his mother was the backbone for him and his siblings.


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