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Thoughts Magazine Women’s & Men’s Spring/Summer 2021  out Now

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The goal is to bridge the communication gap amongst men and women by creating a unique platform that encourages working together.

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Young Men Strong

Celebrating our Men Everyday

The Mission

Est. 2012; A global umbrella organization designed to collaborate and bridge agencies, programs, and businesses that specifically empower, educate, engage and revitalize the strength of African American, Latinx American, and other Ethnic men of color through media, consulting, and mentorship.

The Vision

Young Men Strong gives voice to men of color by providing measurable tools for building brands and providing solutions through evidence-based
models that create positive improvements within themselves, their families, and their community locally and abroad.


The Latest

Black men owns entertainment industry

LifestylePresently, American Black men are playing a vital role in the entertainment industry. Theyknow how to catch the attention and interest of the audience by entertaining and giving them pleasure. Black people in general stand out in every category of life. In...

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